home remedies for heartburn

home remedies for heartburn

After headache, the most common issue that every second person in the world faces is heartburn. It is often termed as chest burn as well. This condition or illness is not gender specific but study shows women are more prone to heartburn than men. And specially heartburn in early pregnancy is very common in most of women. Later in this article we will reveal that what causes heartburn in women specifically along with home remedies for heartburn.

Heartburn Symptoms and Causes

home remedies for heartburnHeartburn symptoms are actually the total description of this illness. Our stomach is full of acidic juices and these juices are used for burning and digesting food so our body may utilize it properly. These acids are good till it reaches your esophagus which is not its nature place. There’s a lid type muscle at the face of stomach which closes itself and stops these acids from coming out of stomach. Due to some fatty foods or spices and sometimes due to overeating the stomach doesn’t close properly and acid reaches reflexes and reaches your esophagus. Here it starts reacting with the walls of your esophagus and you feel the burning sensation. If this happens to you just a couple of times in a month then it’s normal but if you are facing this trouble everyday after every meal then it is alarming because continues acidity may start harming your esophagus and wounds can appear on the walls of this drain due to acid reaction. It can lead to severe diseases like ulcer and even stomach cancer if you will not take this chest burn seriously.

Home Remedies for Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Heartburn is not a disease that you will have to rush to doctor or the medical store to find the cure. If you have little knowledge then home remedies for acid reflux and heartburn are the most effective and natural ways to prevent for heartburn. In other words natural aid for heartburn is in your kitchen or refrigerator and all you need to do is to know what is good for heartburn. Here below we will narrate some home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux:

  1. Baking Soda for Acid Reflux

The most effective and quick cure for heartburn is baking soda. Simple logic for using baking soda as quick home remedies for heartburn is a chemical reaction. Baking soda is an alkaline and when you intake baking soda with water, it reaches quickly in your esophagus where acid is hurting you. It immediately reacts with the acid and as the result of this quick chemical reaction, acid loses it’s acidity and carbon dioxide is released. That’s why most of times you brawl after the intake of baking soda to get quick heartburn relief.

Baking Soda for Acid RefluxBaking soda for heartburn recipe is very simple. Just take a teaspoon of baking soda i.e. Sodium Bicorbonate (chemical name of baking soda) and put it into a glass of fresh water. Stir with spoon so that the baking soda may dissolve into the water. Once dissolved, drink this water. It is an instant heartburn relief home remedy. Now baking soda for heartburn dosage depends upon the level of burning. If you feel that burning is too much and there’s enough acid in the esophagus that reached your throat then you should take maximum one teaspoon of baking soda. And if you feel that condition is not that much severe then half the teaspoon the magic powder what gets rid of heartburn.


  1. Aloe vera Juice to Get Rid of Heartburn Instantly

Aloe vera Juice for heartburnAloe vera juice is one of the best home remedy for heartburn. Aloe juice is used to soothe the burning effect whether it’s on external skin or even in your esophagus. If your concern is only how to stop acid reflux naturally then you must try aloe juice to cure heartburn. Whenever you feel that the food can cause you heartburn, drink half a cup of aloevera juice before your meal and forget about acid reflux. But keep in mind that aloe juice has some minor side effect as well because it has laxative component in it. So make sure you take it only when necessary. Avoid treating heartburn in children using this home remedy.

  1. How to cure heartburn fast with mint?

Mint is another commonly find item in most of the kitchens. It has some powerful digesting ingredients in it. If you feel that the heartburn was caused due to over eating then you should not worry about what to do for heartburn. Just get some leaves of fresh mint and start chewing it. Its juice will start going in your esophagus and then in stomach. It will help your stomach to digest the food fast. As the food will leave the stomach, the acid will go back into the stomach and you will get rid of heartburn using mint leaves.

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  1. Ginger’s triple action to cure heartburn

If you want to know about foods that relieve heartburn then I’m revealing you the list of foods that stop heartburn fast. Now the list can be summarized in way that all the foods you cook in your kitchen can be the heartburn relieving foods if you add ginger as spice in them. Ginger is normally used in many foods and it brings good taste and smell to your cooked food. But you might aren’t aware yet of the magic it does.

Ginger has triple action against heartburn and it’s a natural home remedy for heartburn. Like mint it as stronger digesting agents in it’s juice. So it helps your stomach to digest every kind of food which is even hard to digest. Its fibers has the ability to absorb the acids so ginger is the answer of how to relieve heartburn immediately. And the third action of ginger is again very effective for heartburn. It has the power to clam down the nerves spreading burning sensation. So you can say that ginger is a complete home heartburn remedy quick and fast.

Adding ginger as spice will prevent heartburn but if your concern is how to relieve heartburn immediate then ginger tea will be the best option. Slice up 3 quarter size of ginger and put it in 2 cup of water. Now put it on mild heat for few minutes. You can add sugar if you want to add taste but it’s not recommended. Let it cool down for 30 minutes and then you can drink it. This tea will give you some instant relief from heartburn. If you’re wondering how to prevent heartburn naturally then you can take this tea 20 minutes before you every meal and it will prevent heartburn whatever you eat.


  1. Kill the acid with acid

It might sound some weird and you might be thinking that how to treat heartburn with acid while it’s the acid reflux which is causing heartburn. So the answer is “apple cider vinegar”. Here I might not be able to narrate the complex chemical reactions but yes it’s one of the way that how to quickly stop heartburn. In other words, if you don’t want the option of being treated medically to cure heartburn and still thinking how to fight heartburn naturally then vinegar is the best answer and solution. Just take two teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of fresh water and all your heartburn sensation and pain will be gone. It cures fast so if someone asks you how to stop heartburn naturally or how to cure heartburn fast then your answer should be vinegar. Though all the vinegars are one of best cure for heartburn but apple cider vinegar does the job in best way. And good thing about apple cider vinegar is that it’s all natural.

  1. Let’s eat something

If you are hungry and facing the heartburn issue then first thing you should do is to eat something to fill the stomach. But what to eat when you have heartburn is a critical question. If you ate something wrong then it may act like fuel to the fire. Don’t need to worry as we are going to tell how to reduce heartburn naturally by eating something natural.

There are some fruits which have antiacids in them so if you will eat those fruits then it may cure the heartburn immediately. Apple and Banana are some of these fruits and in my opinion banana is the best option. Just eat banana or apple when you are facing trouble of heartburn. It will reduce the effect of acid reflux and you will get some instant relief. If you are wondering how to prevent heartburn completely then make a habit of eating a few bananas or an apple daily. You will never face the acid reflux issue ever again.


  1. How to relieve heartburn with chewing gum

Most of the people who are on dieting mode to reduce weight often face the heartburn issue because keeping stomach empty for long time may cause acidity. In such cases most of people don’t want to eat especially the banana. Now question is how to stop burn immediately without eating and without disturbing your dieting plan. So, the answer is chew a gum. Better is to chew some sugar free chewing gum. Chewing a gum helps your glands to release saliva and this saliva enriched with enzymes and alkaline fluids when reaches esophagus, it reacts with acid and then in stomach it helps in digesting food. Hence you get relief from heartburn.

  1. Disturb you taste buds with Mustard

Mustard is another item which is easily available in most of the kitchens. It’s another good home remedy to deal with heartburn but you need a great courage to go for this option. Mustard has some bad taste. For few seconds you will have to feel its bad taste but after that you will feel comfortable. It is full of some essential minerals, a little amount of vinegar and by chemical nature it’s alkaline. In short it’s a complete mixture to treat your heartburn. So if you or any of your family member is having heartburn and you don’t have baking soda at home and you are thinking how to relieve heartburn fast then you can use a teaspoon of mustard to get rid of this burning sensation. You can get this relief pack even if you’re wandering in some market or super store. Just buy a small pack of good quality mustard and take it directly.

Tips and Precautionary Measures

So far we read about what to do for heartburn home remedies. We tried our best to give you easy to available natural home remedies for acid flux. There are many other home remedies as well if you will Google for it but we explained only the tested and proven home remedies for heartburn issue. Hope now you’re able to cop with the issue and next time you won’t need to rush to the doctor or some medical store rather you will either enter your kitchen or will open the door of your refrigerator. Most of the home remedies for heartburn are temporary or timely cure but you must take some precautionary measure to prevent heartburn issue from arising in future as well. Here are some tips and measures which can help you in this regard:

  1. Take smaller bites and chew every bite for a while before swallowing it so an adequate amount of saliva can be absorbed in it and hence there will be less chances of acidity.
  2. Try to avoid foods which trigger heartburn. Spicy foods, oily stuff and most of carbonated drinks like cola and energy drinks often cause heartburn.
  3. Smoking and alcohol are the powerful triggers of acid flux so if you are already having the issue of heartburn then avoid smoking and drinking.
  4. Don’t go to sleep soon after taking dinner. It’s best to take dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed. And it is always recommended to take a light walk after dinner.
  5. Don’t use very tight belts, pants and even shirts which can build pressure on your belly while you sit. It may harm the muscles of your stomach and that can lead to acid reflux.
  6. Try to take every meal on time. Irregular routine of taking your meals disturb your stomach a lot and a disturb stomach often relieve its anger by sending some burning acid into your esophagus. So keep your stomach happy by feeding it in time in proper amount.

That’s all from us about heartburn. Hope these tips and home remedies for heartburn will help you a lot. Do share your experiences below in comments and feel free to share this information so others may get some relief as well.